Providing industry-approved, independent assessments
of the cost, schedule and technical performance of
upstream production facilities.
  • Are your project Capex estimates in line with industry experience?
  • Could you be doing this project in a shorter timeframe? Or are you too optimistic? 
  • Where should you fabricate facilities for this project?
    Are there cost savings to be found?
  • Did your last project meet sanction budget?
    Can you learn from previous experience?
  • How do your projects compare with similar projects in the market? 
    Can you learn from others? 


The Performance Forum is a Joint Industry Project, sponsored by the key players in the global upstream oil & gas industry.

This outstanding group of international oil companies choose to collaborate in order to benefit directly from the experience of others. 

The Performance Forum benchmarks offshore, upstream project performance on a range of unique metrics to:

  • Identify and encourage best practice to optimise cost performance across the whole industry.
  • Assess the competitiveness of your project costs/schedule against the industry benchmark.
  • Perform gap analysis of estimate versus actual costs/schedule.
  • Offer a practical way to establish realistic targets for project costs and schedule.

The Performance Forum’s unique method for collecting and analysing upstream data means we hold the most in-depth database of actual project costs in the industry.

Current Members of the Performance Forum

Established in 1994, the Performance Forum has been a respected advisor to the upstream oil and gas industry for more than 20 years.

Become a Member

Membership of the Performance Forum is available by annual subscription. For information on how to join, please contact us.

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