Accurately measure project performance at start-up


Present consistent and unbiased comparison between projects and operators


Provide confidence in your estimates prior to gate review


Identify changes in scope, cost and schedule between planned and actual

The Performance Forum is a Joint Industry Project, sponsored by the key players in the global upstream oil and gas industry.

We benchmark upstream project performance on a range of unique cost, schedule, technical and project complexity metrics.

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Benchmarking services

Analysis of project performance is at the heart of the Performance Forum. Benchmarking allows you to compare your estimated or actual data against an industry or peer group trend based on real data, on a life-for-like basis.

By determining areas of underperformance, you can establish a strategy for future improvements to save cost and time. We provide benchmarking services at every stage of your project, from early assess estimates through to close-out results at end of execution. Once field production is in decline, a similar gated project timeline can be used within the decommissioning phase of the project, whether it be for facilities preparation for removal or reuse.

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